We are a Singapore-based company

looking for business people who are keen to be pioneer our breakthrough technology in Profiling using the latest advances in Biometric and 3D Nanotechnology. Different from the traditional Questionnaire Profiling which users need to answer hundreds of questions, the MAXTQ Biometric Profiling Technology performs the profiling using the biometric information that is available in our fingers.

What does MAXTQ Biometric Profiling Technology do?

Career Profiling for Adults:

To allow individuals to identify their innate strengths and communication styles so that they can make more well-informed decisions in the selection of career & also improve performance at work.

Talent Profiling for Kids:

To guide parents in making more well-informed decisions to nurture their children for success, especially in today's world where there are so much skillsets parents want their child to learn yet each child only have 24 hours to work with to create results.

This is a proven technology and we are the only technology of its kind to be endorsed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Psychology.

Our Profiling Technology is already in the following countries:

Our partners include:

Training Companies Parenting Experts

Public Schools

Private Education Groups such as Education Centres & Tuition Centres

Human Resource Department of Companies