The Founder

Kong Yew Kiin
Founder, MAXTQ Global Pte Ltd

Creator of the powerful transformational programs Advolution™, Advolution Xtreme™ and Advolution Ultimate™.

The Co-founder of Advocators Education Pte Ltd, a multi- million dollar company in the education sector, Yew Kiin has impacted thousands of individuals, ranging from teenagers to working professionals, over the past 8 years.

Educating the young through Academic Coaching, which is a fusion of Life-skills and Academics, he has mentored and transformed students' grades from F9 in Prelims to Distinction in their final year examinations in just 1 month. For this feat, he was interviewed and featured on Channel 8’s “Frontline” in August 2010. In August 2012, he was interviewed and featured in The New Paper for his entrepreneurial success.