168 Life-Science Technology

Dr Steven Chen Ming Chi

  • Dean of Beijing Innate Talent Testing Methods Research Centre
  • Chief Executive of Shanghai Sheng Shi Yuan Industrial Company
  • CEO Long Zhi Zhu Technology Group
  • President of MaxTQ Group USA
  • President of America’s Sesame Street English Language Centers Association
  • President of Yan Ping Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
  • Permanent member of council of Republic of China Federation of PTA Presidents
  • Director General of Chinese FDT Development Society
  • Founder of Chang Qing Brain Development Academy
  • Chief consultant of Media Technology Group’s Preschool Education Department

Having more than 20 years of experience in the Education field, Dr Steven Chen realized that more and more individuals are getting lost in 21st Century, ranging from unhappy parents who do not know how to nurture and communicate with their children, to unhappy working professionals who feel lost in their lives ahead.

Hence, he devoted his life to research in the arena of dermatoglyphics and talent detection. Leading a team of scientists, he created the MAXTQ FDT Detection System, which is derived from the skin pattern sampling database as well as genetic & behavioral sciences.

The team of experts and professors include:

  • Dr. Xiao Yun Ming
    Previously based In USA, he carried out R&D on nanotechnology & dermatoglyphics. He is the person responsible for classification, analysis, comparison & establishment of database. Now he is working in Taiwan’s National Science & Technology R&D unit.
  • Professor Liu Xing Qi
    Specializing in Network Technology & Communications, he is the Chief Consultant of Mo Da Technology Group.


Currently the research and development team consists of more than 200 Experts & Professors from different fields. From the fields of Education, to Medical, Biotechnology, Computer Engineering, Communication and Network Technology. The research team is currently based in Taiwan.