International Success Trainer
Motivational Master, Polly Sauer

The Fingerprint MAXTQ Test is an enlightening and powerful breakthrough in human development. Whatever your age or profession, whether you are a corporate executive or young child, your fingerprints tell you who you are and what you can aspire to be given the wisdom and personality you were born with.

Early Childhood Senior Consultant, Masters in Psychology Taiwan Taoyuan Hsinchu County Pre-school Evaluation Committee Member Ms. Mai Qing

I was introduced to MAXTQ Fingerprint Profiling Test on 12th August 2004. Out of curiosity to know how accurate and effective the technology is, I took the test. After the readings from all my 10 fingerprints were taken, I received the report almost instantly. I read the report very carefully, understanding my multiple intelligence, strengths and weaknesses, and find the report really effective. Nature and Nurture has different roles in the educational process. Innate talents provide the “Original Model of Human Behaviour”, while Nurture is to unleash innate energy and behavior towards the right and useful path. The MAXTQ Fingerprint Profiling System provides an insight to my Innate Characteristics. Of course, if you are willing to spend time and effort to observe yourself or your child’s reaction to things and events in life, you can also observe and discover the innate characteristics.

Professor in Medicine,
Dr Zheng Cheng Jie

MAXTQ Fingerprint Profiling System is very suitable for kids and teenagers, because the report can provide guidance for parents to know how to educate their children.

Director of Foundation of the Disabled (Taiwan)
Former Taipei City Senator, Mr. Wei Yi Long, Lawyer

Through the MAXTQ Fingerprint Profiling System, the goodness and strengths of every individual can be further developed. This is definitely the true path to achieving social harmony and growth.

‘A’ Level Student
Zoe Yap

The profiling results stunned me as they were almost identical to results from other profiling and clinical psychological tests I took before! The difference was that the MAXTQ profiling required only a fraction of the time needed for the other tests, and it also offers a much more in-depth analysis. The report gave me affirmation to pursue my ‘dream course’ in university, as I found that my personal strengths and talents are indeed suitable for that field!

Top ‘A’ Level Economics Trainer, Advocators Education
Ruth Li

To be honest, I was pretty skeptical before I did my profiling. However, after going through my MAXTQ personal profiling report, I can attest that it is 90% accurate in its description of my character, even aspects I thought no one but myself would know! The report recommended ‘Education and Management’ as my most suitable field – a field which I have been in for the last 10 years!

Chemistry Coach, Advocators Education
Mandy Lim

The MAXTQ profiling report gives me a deep insight into what kind of person I am, and how best to interact with people who might not think and communicate the same way as I do. I learnt to be more patient with people of certain personality types and communication styles. I am currently focusing on honing my organization and management abilities - an area that is my strength according to the report. This will definitely be useful in my career. On the lighter side of things, the report has also been an endless source of table topics and laughter with friends and colleagues alike!

Wee Xin Yi

MAXTQ Biometric Profiling has been extremely useful in illuminating my strengths and weaknesses. This enables me to play to my advantages and also focus on areas I need to work on – be it in the area of interpersonal communication or career. It is also a bonus that the analysis includes a segment on health and possible problem areas, which comes in handy in assisting me to adjust certain lifestyle habits.

Founder, Language Alive Pte Ltd
Sherina Koh

I have to admit it all sounded a little like fortune telling to me at first…However, I was proven wrong with the very first sentence of the report: saying I ‘have no sense of direction’! That is so painfully true! After going through the report I realised that my strength is in management, and I consciously decided to be more proactive in making operational and other decisions without waiting for consensus. Besides guiding me to leverage on my strengths, it also gave me very practical recommendations on how to improve areas which I am not very strong in, like communications – I am know more tactful and objective when communicating for people. Thanks, MAXTQ, for making me a better person!

Chan Wai Sun

I wished I had discovered the MAXTQ Biometric Profiling tool earlier! In my younger days I didn’t have a clear idea of my strengths nor talents, and how I could carve a successful path to the future. It took some time going through the ‘school of hard knocks’ before I figured out my way. Well, it didn’t have to be that way at all! I’m pretty sure that if I have received the MAXTQ Biometric Profiling earlier in life, it would have accelerated my self awareness and personal growth tremendously! That is why I sincerely recommend this profiling tool to anyone trying to find his/her way in life!

Chin Kah Jin

As a business person, I firmly believe in the Pareto Principle – the 80-20 rule. I like to focus my time creating great value doing what I am really good at doing, and delegating or outsourcing the rest. With the MAXTQ Biometric Profiling, I get great clarity on what my innate talents are, and I now focus a large part of my time leveraging my strengths. Compared to the past, I find that I now have much greater focus, concentration, and ability to stay in a peak state of performance. Of course, I’m also more aware of my weaknesses and I compensate for that by building a strong team who can complement me. MAXTQ has definitely helped me become a more productive and happier person!