History of Dermatoglyphics

Since 1823, Darwin and Sir Francis Gaiton, as well as other scientists have been conducting research of fields such as medicine, genetics, histology and embryology, in order to explore the mystery of human cerebra. It is discovered from medical research that once the germ cell of human being is formed, it will undergo fissiparity. Once the cell reaches cell division of 8, it will move into the development of organs, and at this stage, the cell will be divided into three layers. The most outer layer will be developed to become the nerve system and skin of the human being. As such, the development of nerve system is closely related to dermatoglyphics.The development of the dermatoglyphics of the human body starts on the 13th week of the development of the embryo and forms in the 19th week. The convex folds of the surface of the cerebra grow synchronously with the dermatoglyphics

Dermatoglyphics-cerebral Science

Modern Genetic Research revealed that, human genetic information and biometric data is stored inside DNA. The DNA sequence determine individual’s personality, height, skin color, intelligence and innate talent etc. The difference in brain structure and sequence of DNA will be reflected in the surface of human body, such as the hair, ear, feet, and especially in between the ridge lines of our fingerprint and micro information carriers on our skin cortex. There are a total 6 veins connected between the human brain and human fingers, thus physical training on our finger will actually improve response rate and flexibility of the brain.

The MAXTQ patented Fingerprint Nano Biometric Data Collection Device, which able to capture and project biometric data transmission between the brain neurons, had greatly increase the degree precision of whole brain functional scanning and data harvesting.

Combining the magnetic field and objective biometric data harvested from the 10 fingers, with the observation of different functional area of the human brain cortex, MAXTQ patented technology able to reveal brain activity level in RC value and capacity of different parts of the brain

Dermatoglyphics-cerebral science, making use of the bio-data hidden in our fingers and dovetailing the achievements of cerebral science, enables us to discover and expound the structure and functions of human cerebra, the material foundation of human behavior and psychological activity, as well as clarify the mechanisms of the various levels of the human brain. We were also able to understand and enhance the efficiency of the human neural activity, and hence further explore to improve the development of the brain to improve its performance and efficiency.

Micro Biometric Data Carrier

As shown in the diagram below, by collecting and examining the nano structure of ridge lines of the fingerprints, based on the vein connection between the brain and hand and the transmission of biometric data, the more ridge lines it has, the more biometric data it contains, in which indicates higher brain capacity percentage value.

When the brain neuron is stimulated by external factor, it will be reflected in corresponded finger that is connected to human brain. As shown in the diagram below, under MAXTQ patented nano scale optical scanning device, we will be able to observed numerous crystalized nano biometric gas bubble. The number of bubbles represent the activity level of that particular part of the brain.