According to a U.S. Gallup poll results based on Fortune 500 companies in the USA, everyone is a genius, but only 20% of people were placed correctly!

A nationwide survey conducted by a Belgium magazine on people aged 60 years and above shows that 62% state their biggest regret was not being involved and not using the correct methods in the upbringing and parenting of their children.

70% of these elders state that they had chosen the wrong career/ profession in their youth.

75% of the people state that they did not work hard enough or miss out on pursuing their dreams in their youth, resulting in a life of mediocrity.

So are you being placed in the right field of profession or will you be regretting on the choices you had made when you were younger?

Many people are facing mid-life crisis and a lot of them are unhappy in their career or is not satisfied with their job. They are lost in what they want to achieve and what they have achieved after so many years. Many of them are switching career to a totally different field from where they have started. The question is why? Why are they so unsatisfied with themselves.

Which part of the process have they made the wrong decision or the wrong turn? Life is full of cross-roads; it is never too late to correct the mistake.

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