There are 2 greatest challenges that parents are facing today, namely

1. How to nurture my child for success?

There are so many talents that we want our children to develop. It could singing, playing musical instruments such as piano or violin, learning arts and craft, or sports such as fencing and soccer. But having only 24 hours only for each day, how can we, as parents, be sure that developing our children in music, is the right choice that will lead them to success? Isn’t it common to see parents spending tons of money to send their child for violin lessons for 5 years, only to learn that their child did not like music and was forced to do so? Isn’t it a waste of money, and more importantly time? Would the child experience more success if he/she was developed in a field that he/she has natural talents in?

With the technology of MAXTQ, parents can know and understand the natural talents of their child. Parents can now come up with a nurturing plan that can guarantee a more likely chance of success in their child when they understand their child’s innate strengths and weaknesses.


2. How can I understand and communicate with my child better?

One of the greatest challenge for parents now is about communicating with their children. Working parents find it hard to understand their children when they are not spending enough time with their children. They do not understand the children’s thinking and their needs. The children are oppressed for their own likings and ideas for their parents’. This can be very dangerous when the needs of these children are not satisfied. They may fall into depression and thinks that there are nothing worth looking forward to in life.

An angry parent produces an angry child. The lack of communication between parents and child can corrode the sense of belonging. The child may even stray away from home and engage in activities that are introduced by peer influences.

The rigid social rules the society adopted might not be so forgiving to people who make mistakes. The child might face difficulties reintegrating back into the norms of the society.

With the technology of MAXTQ, parents can know and understand why their child is behaving this manner. This thus increases the chances of having a better family bond. Knowing how to communicate effectively and efficiently can increase a child’s success in the future.

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