When a child is born, the child’s brain is almost developed. There are many wires and connections within the brain that are connected and functional only during the infancy and toddler age. If there are no developments or usage to these connections, they will not be developed throughout the child’s life.

A 3-year-old toddler's brain is twice as active as an adult's brain and there are a number of critical windows for acquiring specific types of intelligence. Once these windows have passed, learning is much more difficult, if not impossible.

The prime time for the child to learn and understand concepts that will prove helpful throughout life are the early formative years. Thus, it is very important to give the toddler as much exposures as possible during this time;

to find out the inborn talents of the toddler and assist the toddler to further develop his/her inborn talents at an early age and give him/her a competitive edge over others.

It is really important to nurture a child as equipping them with the correct skills can change their life dramatically.

Unhappy Children, Unhappy Parents

Many young children do not get the idea of why they must study and at many times, parents or teachers are using the wrong method to input knowledge into them. Depression is one of the upcoming psychological disabilities found in young children. Parent’s expectations are stressing these children so much that they are unhappy. Yet parents did not wonder or reflection why is this happening?

The social expectation of a child is rigid. Putting a child who is more inclined to arts in a rigid environment will cause him/her not wanting to pick up what is being taught.


One example will be Mozart and Einstein.


Mozart showed prodigious ability from his earliest childhood. He was placed in the correct environment of having music around him. Mozart’s father was a composer and an experience teacher. With the innate advantages and the right environment for Mozart’s brain to develop, he was truly someone of great success.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - left side playing piano



Albert Einstein is the father of modern physics. When he was younger, he shows great skills and abilities in Math and Science. Born to an engineer father, Einstein was exposed to Mechanics and Math since young. With inborn talents and having an environment that expose him to Math and Science, allows Einstein’s brain to develop to its maximum potential.

Albert Einstein - Working inside his laboratory


The question is "If Mozart was born into Einstein’s house would he be as successful as he was?" or "If Einstein was born into a house of music, will he even invent so many things that are beneficial to us now?"

With MAXTQ technology, we can now understand our child more. We now can analyse their strengths and weaknesses and work to having a balance psychological development for them, hence allowing them to maximise their innate potential and be successful in the future.